Mad, crazy, raving, insane, lunatic, demented, unbalanced, deranged, berserk, unhinged

For those who already know me, they hear the word "Krazed" and they think of me. I've been using the name for a while now and hope that one day it will become something big.

Started out as a little T-Shirt company and then just faded out. I brought the name back for my photography, and I think it fits pretty well. I wouldn't say my photos are deranged or demented (Well some of the pictures might be) but I like to think outside of the box, which makes for the best kind of pictures. You cant just point and shoot.. That only gets you so far.

Born in Torrance, CA but grew up in Mammoth Lakes, CA. Living in the South Bay has been a blessing. I've met some amazing people and get to do what I love daily. The beaches are absolutely amazing, the women are gorgeous, and the smog can make for some of the best sunsets you have ever seen. If you've never been to this part of California, you are missing out.

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